Driving While Texting in Georgia

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Due to thousands of distracted driving accidents that happen annually, the government of Georgia has prohibited hand-held cell phone use for all drivers in Georgia. Most drivers can use a hands-free device to use their cell phone, with the exception of those who are under 18 as well as bus drivers. Those who are caught disobeying this rule can be slapped with a $150 fine and receive a point on their driving record. Emergency personnel and drivers who are fully parked are allowed to use both hand-held and hands-free devices while driving.

Though cell phone use has proven to be extremely dangerous, drivers continue to use them. According to a survey, Atlanta was ranked sixth for the cities that most use their phones, after 35% of drivers said they used their phone every single day while driving. Yet another survey reported that Georgia had the third-highest rate of drivers who text while driving. Many of these were of the younger demographic. Those who have been hit by a careless driver should find out how they can get compensated through an Atlanta personal injury lawyer from Kalka & Baer LLC. We have successfully represented a number of clients who were victims of car accidents throughout Georgia.

It is also important to note that walking and texting has proven to be dangerous, because pedestrians are not as aware of their surroundings as they are traveling. Drivers who have hit pedestrians that are texting because the walkers made an unexpected move or failed to follow pedestrian laws may be liable to get compensated. Ask a lawyer at our firm for more information about this type of accident.

How dangerous is texting while driving?

Since the drastic increase in cell phone use in past decades, many organizations have studied its effects on drivers. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that those who took their eyes off the road to text for a mere five seconds would travel the length of a football field while traveling at 55mph. They also found that a driver who is texting is 23 times more likely to get in a car accident than one who is not. Similarly, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration found that 18% of fatalities in distracted driving accidents were related to texting.

To avoid texting and general cell phone use, it is recommended that drivers put their phones in a place that they can't see it and to turn it on silent while driving. If others are in the car, then it might be wise to appoint a person to receive and send all text messages. In addition, people can download apps that prevent texts from being sent or received while an individual is driving. If it is necessary for certain people to use their cellphones while driving, both cell phone and car manufacturing companies have come up with multiple ways to assist drivers in using hands-free devices. Some popular tools include wired and Bluetooth headsets, as well as speakerphones that are part of one's vehicle.

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