Texting While Driving: Just as Bad as Driving Drunk

Cell phone technology hasn’t necessarily made our lives safer. In fact, cell phone-related deaths have continued to increase year after year. Many drivers become distracted by their cell phone conversations or by text messages they send or receive behind the wheel. The driver’s mental focus changes from the task of driving to their conversations or text messages.

This behavior is so dangerous that it has been compared to drunk driving. Researchers from the University of Utah—as well as other scientists—have said distracted driving while using a cell phone is as dangerous as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In fact, because more people are willing to drive while texting, it is potentially more dangerous than drunk driving.

Using Your Phone Delays Driver Reaction Time

Research has shown that using a cell phone while driving can cause a driver’s actions to be delayed as much as much as a driver with a 0.08% blood alcohol concentration. Additionally, the Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging at Carnegie Mellon University indicates that researchers have proven that a person’s focus decreases by 40% when listening to music or a conversation.

This leads researchers to believe that sending or receiving a text message and not watching the road decreases a driver’s focus by at least the same amount or more. A car accident can happen in a matter of seconds. If a driver takes his eyes off the road to send or read a text message, it could be enough time to run a red light, strike a pedestrian, or rear-end a car that stops short.

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