Auto Accidents

Recovery Man Struck by Vehicle at Full Speed, Forced to Amputate Both Legs- $1,000,000.00

Top-rated Atlanta personal injury attorneys, Kalka & Baer, LLC represented a client who had suffered the loss of both of his legs. The client was an employee of American Disposal Services, and was stopped on near 5384 Austell Road in Austell to load some additional garbage into the truck. The truck’s emergency flashers were on at the time. A driver in a Dodger Caliber was traveling on the same southbound road crashed head-on into the client, and slid for 30 feet on the asphalt before it crashed into the rear of the truck. The force from the impact knocked him into the trash pile inside the truck. The man sustained injuries to his head and torso. Doctors had no choice but to amputate both legs. Thanks to the Kalka & Baer, LLC’s aggressive pursuit of the case, the firm successfully recovered $1, 000, 000.

Client Hit and Pinned By Car, Resulting in Serious Leg Injuries- $775,000.00

Attorney Kalka represented a client in Atlanta who had been catastrophically injured while installing pine straw on a driveway. The client was working when he was suddenly struck and pinned against his truck by a reversing vehicle coming down the driveway towards him. The vehicle was operated by the owner of the house he was working for. After the incident, the man was unable to walk for weeks on end, due to catastrophic leg injuries and multiple fractures. Performing thorough investigations and preparing detailed case information, Attorney Kalka settled the case for his client at $775,000 in mediation.

UBER-X Driver T-Boned Resulting in Multiple Foot Fractures- $550,000.00

An UBER-X driver was t-boned by another vehicle who failed to yield and turned left into the Uber driver’s car. The impact of the crash causing multiple fractures to her right foot. The injuries necessitated a complex surgery and she was unable to put any weight on her right foot while she waited for the procedures she needed. Additionally, she had no health insurance or access to a good surgeon. Initially she hired a lawyer with too high of a case load who did not spend adequate time on her case and did not have connections with qualified doctors, causing her to have to bounce from physician to physician. Frustrated and still without proper treatment, she hired Bryan Baer who immediately referred her to an excellent orthopedic surgeon and helped her get the insurance she needed to pay for her surgery while Attorney Baer sought out compensation. Through a thorough investigation of the accident, Kalka & Baer proved that our client was not speeding contrary to what the at-fault driver said, and we recovered $550,000 for her.

Driver Rear-Ended, Suffers Serious Brain Injury Resulting in a Coma- $500,000.00

Heading southbound on I 85, a commercial vehicle was speeding at 81 mph in a 55 mph zone and rear-ended Kalka & Baer's client. The impact pushed the front car across the interstate and resulted in serious injuries to the driver. When the first responder arrived, the driver did not have a pulse and was airlifted to the hospital, where it was discovered that he had an anoxic brain injury. The client is still in a coma. Kalka & Baer, LLC were contacted by the family of the victim because the truck driver was not cited for speeding. Our Atlanta accident attorneys were able to download the crash data and prove that the work truck was going 81 mph two seconds prior to impact and hit the other car at 52 mph. Through their dedicated representation, they recovered $500,000 in compensation for the victim and his family.

Fractured C6 and C7 Vertebrae in Spine Due to Intersection Accident- $350,000.00

Auto accident attorneys represent injured Monroe man who was a passenger in a vehicle when he suffered a fractured C6 and C7 vertebrae. Our client suffered a herniation and fractured vertebrae while riding in a minivan that was struck at a red light intersection. Our client retained the firm and was able to be seen and treated by a board certified neurologist with privileges at Athens Regional Hospital because of Kalka & Baer LLC. Our client has made a great recovery.

Rear-End Accident Victim Suffers Serious Neck & Back Issues- $350,000.00

Our client was driving northbound on Highway 211 when she came to Dee Kennedy Road with the intention of turning left. She was in the far left lane and when she was hit from behind by another vehicle. It was discovered that the other driver had been following too closely and not given themselves the proper space to stop; therefore, it was determined that they were fully at fault for the accident. Following the collision, our client suffered severe neck and back pain, causing her to have to go to multiple doctors and specialists, ultimately resulting in two different surgical procedures to alleviate the ongoing pain. Kalka & Baer, LLC took on the case and was able to prove the other driver to be at fault for the rear-end accident, using police reports and other associated evidence. Our Atlanta injury lawyers recovered a $350,000 settlement to cover her past, present, and future medical expenses, as well as her pain and suffering as a result of the injuries.

Alpharetta Car Crash Causes Fractured and Herniated C5, C6, and C7 Vertebrae- $300,000.00

Our client was in a horrific automobile accident, which fractured and herniated his C5, C6, and C7 vertebrae. Our client was foreced to have surgery, undergo painful and sleepless nights, and endure a long way back to recovery. Our client struck his head on window and steering wheel, which caused traumatic whiplash and damage to his cervical spine. Mr. Morgan contacted the attorneys to discuss his rights under Georgia Law. Today, he has made a full recovery and is glad he made the call.

Rear-End Auto Collision Causes Serious Neck Pain- $250,000.00

Client was traveling on Cobb Parkway in Marietta, when they were involved in a three car collision. The first driver rear-ended the car in front of them because they were following too closely, which caused the car in front to hit our client’s car. After the accident, our client experienced severe neck pain, which resulted in her having to have surgery to relieve her symptoms. Attorney Matthew Broun was able to prove negligence on the part of the first driver, recovering $250,000 to cover our client’s pain, suffering, and medical expenses.

Car Wreck Attorney Specializes in Neck Surgery Accidents- $245,000.00

In 2009, our client was in a rear-end crach in Hall County and suffered whiplash. Our client was treated by his primary doctor and a chiropractor. His pain would not resolve, so he went to see his neurologist who recommended a C4, C5, C6, and C7 fusion. Our client had a histsory of neck problems and works onsite for HVAC replacement. Our client underwent surgery in 2010. His case went to mediation in November 2011. Tony Kalka was able to obtain a settlement in the amount of $245,000.

Rear End Auto Case Causes Cervical Fusion and Herniation C5 and C6.- $225,000.00

Our client was involved in a rear end accident case in Orlando, Florida and suffered significant injuries that required cervical fusion and herniation of his C5 and C6 vertebrae.

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