Giving Information to the Police

"My husband was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. Police are still investigating the crash, but a witness told me that she saw the car change lanes on top of my husband without using a blinker. Should I have the witness go to the police with this information, or should I tell them myself?"

Motorcycle accidents in Georgia and throughout this nation can lead to serious injuries. While we are glad your husband lived through the crash, our thoughts are with him for a complete and fast recovery. It is important to notify the police of any additional accident information, as it could be helpful to your husband’s accident case and Georgia personal injury claim.

Have the witness call the investigating police officer to give a statement. Also, it is a good idea to follow up with the police department to make sure they put the witness’s statement into the accident report notes. This information may be able to help you deal with the insurance company, because it can provide you with leverage. It is great that you are helping with your husband’s motorcycle case. This will allow him to focus on healing while you focus your attention on getting him the best possible compensation for his injuries.

However, make sure that you do not settle with the insurance company before you know your husband’s full prognosis. Insurance companies are looking for ways to save money, so sometimes they attempt to settle cases before victims know their full extent of their injuries and medical expenses. Would you like help negotiating with the insurance company, to make sure your husband is getting the best compensation possible after a motorcycle accident left him with serious injuries? You should call Kalka & Baer LLC today to schedule a free consultation with us.