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Millions Recovered for Truck Accident Victims in Atlanta, GA

Damages sustained in any type of motor vehicle accident can be devastating, but the injuries sustained in a truck accident are almost certain to be catastrophic. Due to the massive size of a semi-truck, passenger vehicles and motorcycles have a very slim chance of emerging from a collision unscathed.

If you have been seriously injured in a truck accident, you need to seek the help of an attorney. Do not try to handle a truck accident claim alone. Our Atlanta firm can help to hold the negligent parties responsible and seek the financial help you need while you focus on recovering.

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I've Been Injured in a Truck Accident, What Do I Do Now?

Because deadly Georgia truck crashes occur every day, the trucker's insurance adjusters and attorneys know how to handle these cases to their own benefit. They will probably offer you a tempting settlement. They may seem charismatic, charming and helpful, and will probably ask you for a recorded statement or your signature on a few forms.

Whatever you do, do not give any statements and do not sign paperwork before consulting with a knowledgeable attorney.

Why Work With Our Atlanta Truck Accident Attorneys?

Hiring an Atlanta trucking accident attorney is essential for obtaining a favorable outcome. Without having the proper legal representation, you can get stuck settling for a claim that is much less than you truly deserve.

If you chose to retain the legal services of Kalka & Baer, LLC, you will work with an attorney who does the following:

  • Acts quickly
  • Responds to catastrophic truck crashes 24 hours a day
  • Preserves the evidence of the accident scene
  • Performs a full investigation into your case, ensuring the driver was properly screened, passed all mandatory drug tests, and was in full compliance with all federal and state regulations
  • Performs an accident reconstruction so that you can download the Qualcomm and Electronic Control Module (ECM) data that could prove to be vital in your case
  • Provides you with inside information
  • Has experience fighting for the other side

Get the Insider’s Advantage with Your Truck Accident Case

For nearly half a decade, Attorney Tony Kalka worked as an insurance company lawyer. He worked for one of the largest defense law firms in the southeast, representing the very trucking companies and truck drivers that you may be fighting today. Because of his extensive inside knowledge and experience, he knows how these companies work and can anticipate their every move.

Tony Kalka is experienced in each and every aspect of truck crash cases and has a full understanding of state and federal rules and regulations for both interstate and intrastate truckers. He understands the importance of an accident reconstruction so that you can download the Qualcomm and Electronic Control Module (ECM) data to use in your case. He knows how crucial it is to act quickly before vital evidence is erased or lost.

Truck Accident Related Deaths

Large trucks do not have the ability to maneuver or stop quickly in order to avoid a crash. This inability to react quickly and efficiently, along with their substantial momentum, contributes to the fact that one in six Georgia auto accident related fatalities involves tractor trailers. Tragically, the fatalities are typically sustained by the occupants in the smaller vehicle. For those who have lost loved ones due to a truck collision, allow our compassionate team to handle the logistics of your wrongful death claim so that you can focus on your family.

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