Bike Riders More Likely To Be Injured

We might not hear about bicycle accidents in the news as much as we hear about car crashes, but that doesn't mean that bicyclists are any safer on Georgia roads. In fact, the Georgia Department of Transportation indicates that bicycle riders are ten times more likely to be involved in fatal accidents in Georgia than occupants of motor vehicles. According to the crash data from 2008, not only are fatalities an increased risk for bicyclists, but injuries are as well. Between 2000 and 2006, 6,797 bicyclists were involved in bicycle accidents on Georgia roads. As a result of these accidents, 5,078 bicyclists were injured, and 118 people died.

The details below describe who is getting hurt, where these accidents are occurring, and what injuries bicyclists are sustaining.

  1. The Place Bicycle Accidents Occur Most Frequently: Over half of accidents reported from 2000-2006 happened on city streets. However, state routes saw more fatalities.
  2. People Who Are Injured Most Frequently: Accounting for almost 80% of bicycle accidents, most victims in Georgia are male. Children ages five to fourteen make up the other 20% of bicyclists involved in these crashes.
  3. Bicyclists Are Injured More than Motorists: Bicyclists have very little protection from automobiles, especially if not wearing helmets. The data collected from 2000-2006 indicates that only 12.2% bicyclists who were involved in Georgia bicycle accidents were wearing helmets. This is why bicyclists have a higher chance of sustaining head traumas and traumatic brain injuries than motorists.

These statistics paint a very clear picture. Bicyclists need to wear helmets at all times and be extremely careful when riding in and around vehicles on Georgia roads. If you have been injured in an Atlanta bicycle accident or someone you love has been killed on a Georgia road due to a negligent driver, then you should contact a bicycle attorney to find out if you have a legal case.