Lighting: Making Bikes Visible to Motorists

Many cycling accidents are often caused by drivers of motor vehicles, but some bike crashes are due to the cyclists’ own actions or lack thereof. Cyclists need to obey traffic rules to reduce their risk of being involved in a wreck. Bicyclists also need to use sufficient lighting to make their bikes more visible to motorists, in order to reduce their chances of being struck by moving vehicles.

How can cyclists do a better job of being spotted on the road?

Although bicycles are equipped with reflectors, front and rear lights need to be mounted on any bicycle, according to Georgia law. Although this is the law, many times bicyclists do not adhere to this rule or do not have adequate lighting for riding on dark city streets and in inclement weather.

Cyclists need to make sure that their bicycles can be seen by motorists that are approaching from behind, from the side, or from the front. This is especially important during dawn, dusk, and during nighttime riding. High-output lighting, such as light-emitting diode (LED) lights on bicycles have been known to be effective. Cyclists can get front and rear safety lights with high-output lighting to help reduce their chances of not being seen by motorists.

LED lights are known to be brighter and produce a more intense light so that others may be able to spot bicyclists better. Cyclists also want to get lights with side emitters, which will allow motorists to see a bike from the side, increasing visibility and bicycle safety. Types of lights that will help a cyclist be more visible while riding on Georgia streets include:

  • High Density Lights – Having lights that produce a more intense beam of light can help increase a bicyclist’s visibility on the road.
  • Helmet Light – Lights on helmets have been known to help cyclists see where they are going. This light is used in addition to the front and rear lights.
  • Flashing Light – When lights flash, they can better grab the attention of a driver. Most front and rear bicycle lights have settings that can be changed from a steady beam to a flashing function.
  • Reflective Tape – Using reflective tape can help a bicyclist be seen in darker conditions. Tape can be placed along the frame of the bicycle and on a cyclist’s clothes as well.

By making sure bicyclists have the right type of light and adequate light, they can help reduce their risks of injuries and involvement in Georgia bicycle crashes. Although ample lighting will not always keep a cyclist out of danger, it can help reduce their chances of being injured. If you were injured in an Atlanta bicycle accident by someone else’s negligence, please call Kalka & Baer LLC and speak with an experienced attorney at (404) 907-1594 in a free legal consultation today.