Accident Prevention & the MSF Study

Motorcycle accidents in Atlanta have caused many to ask the question: “Could more motorcycle accidents be prevented?” Because motorcycle crashes often result in some of the worst injuries, such as traumatic brain injury or death, they spur many researchers to look at studying motorcycle accident causes and prevention more closely. A groundbreaking study that began last year may lead to new insight as to why motorcycle accidents occur. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) has started a naturalistic study, the first study like this one in this nation, on motorcycle safety.

This study “MSF 100 Motorcyclists Naturalistic Study” will look at 100 motorcyclists in a one-year long riding experience. Each of these motorcyclists will be recorded and tracked on an everyday basis. The study uses GPS devices and video cameras to capture each rider in his natural environment. These devices will look at brake pressure and acceleration readings; they will track what each of these motorcyclists is doing each and every day, which will give researchers valuable insight on a motorcyclist’s daily riding experience.

More characteristics are designed to survey the broad variety of motorcycle users:

  • Bikers are sorted into various age groups;
  • Five motorcycle brands are included, with various models; and
  • Bikers are located in different states.

The participants of the study will stay anonymous. Researchers are hoping that the participants will soon forget that they are being recorded daily, since the study will span over an entire year. This study may be helpful in finding out what occurs just prior to a motorcycle crash, if one or more participants are involved in accidents over the study’s duration.

The minutes before the accident will be analyzed to help researchers understand more about motorcycle accidents, which may help in motorcycle accident prevention. The study, administered by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, will provide real-time, comprehensive information that will help authorities to revamp rider education training programs and safety countermeasures to help motorcyclists stay safe in the event of an accident.

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