Tips for Motorcycle Passengers

When a spouse, friend, relative, or significant other enjoys riding his or her motorcycle, he or she usually will like to share the joy of that experience with you—someone they love. If you get asked to ride on a motorcycle as a passenger, it may sound like a fun experience; however, it also can be a dangerous experience as well. In order to make riding as a passenger on the back of a motorcycle safe and enjoyable, we have some simple tips to help passengers that include:

  • Wear protective clothing and gear. It is important to wear clothing that covers the entire body and even footwear that protects your ankles and feet.
  • Wear a motorcycle helmet that fits properly. Although you may be just going on a day ride as a passenger, you still need to make sure the helmet you borrow fits snuggly.
  • Wear eyewear—such as goggles or a helmet with a face shield—to protect your eyes.
  • Wear leather pants and jacket, if possible, so that your body will be better protected and less likely to sustain abrasions in the event of an Atlanta motorcycle accident.
  • Wear the right clothing for the different weather temperatures. For example, if it is hot out, it may feel warmer on a motorcycle. If it is cold outside, you may be freezing.
  • Don’t wear anything loose, as it can get caught in the moving parts of the motorcycle and cause you injuries.

Although the above tips focused on dressing appropriately for a motorcycle ride, we also have tips regarding how to ride on a motorcycle properly that include:

  • Have the owner of the bike walk around the motorcycle with you to point out the foot rests, exhaust pipes, and how to mount and dismount the bike.
  • Prior to mounting the motorcycle, make sure the passenger’s foot pegs are down.
  • Mount the bike from the left side and swing your right leg over the seat.
  • Tell the rider every time you get on or off the bike, so he or she is prepared.
  • Avoid the hot exhaust pipes while getting on and off the motorcycle.
  • Place your hands around the motorcyclist’s hips or hold the bike’s hand-holds.

Although you may have done everything correctly as a motorcycle passenger, you may still suffer injuries in the event of a Georgia motorcycle crash. If you suffered due to someone else’s negligence, please call Kalka & Baer LLC to discuss your case in a free consultation with an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney at (404) 907-1594. Also, make sure to request a free copy of attorney Tony Kalka’s book Sharing the Road and Surviving the Crash.