Motor Vehicles Impact Child Safety and Bicycle Injuries in Atlanta

Most children in Atlanta love to ride bicycles, especially out in the streets near their homes. However, just because they remain within the vicinity of their homes does not mean it is safe for them to ride their bikes in the streets. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents in Atlanta even occur close to home.still occur.

Children can dart across the street and fail to look for approaching vehicles. Also, drivers of motor vehicles often do not look out for children on bicycles. Because children's bikes sit lower to the ground, it is harder for drivers of automobiles to see them coming. Also, if children are riding their bicycles around parked cars, it can be extremely difficult for a driver of an approaching automobile to spot a child, as parked cars sometimes hide the child from view.e last minute when it is too late.

Just because your child is playing outside your house does not make it safe. Children need to know that it is not safe to play around cars. Also, make sure your child wears a bicycle helmet whenever he or she rides in Atlanta. According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, children are more likely than adults to die of head injuries in bicycle accidentscaused by motor vehicles. The fact that vehicles have a harder time spotting children on bicycles while driving contributes to this likelihood. Ultimately, children need to wear helmets at all times when riding bicycles.

Recent statistics released from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicate that in 2009, 74 children aged 14 and younger died in bicycle accidents nationwide, which shows a decrease from the 81 fatalities reported in 2008. In fact, child bicycle fatalities have decreased substantially from the year 2000, when 178 children were killed in accidents. We are thankful for a decrease in children bicycle fatalities, but the numbers of injuries continue to increase. In 2008, 11,000 children aged 14 and younger were injured in bicycle accidents nationwide. These numbers indicate that there is still a great need for child bicycle safety throughout the nation.

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