Severe Weather Causes Hundreds of Crashes in the Atlanta Area

Severe weather made commuting tough in the Atlanta area on Wednesday, December 15 through Thursday, December 16, 2010. Rain fell Wednesday night, and temperatures were in the low 30s, leading to icy conditions.

The Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) says that the severe weather and icy road conditions came sooner this year than expected. Because the DOT was not prepared for the icy weather, roads were left untreated, causing delays and traffic accidents in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

The icy roads led to crashes around the Atlanta area. State police say that from Wednesday into early Thursday there were hundreds of auto accidents reported. Many streets were closed, several interstate exits' off ramps were blocked, and some drivers walked away from their vehicles because driving conditions were so bad.

Weather conditions in Cherokee County were extremely severe, as there were reports of sheets of ice on roadways. Many vehicles were left abandoned on Wednesday night. Police indicate that approximately 300 car accidents occurred in the county within this 24 hour period.

On Thursday, some of the Atlanta schools were closed, but as warmer weather moved inthankfully road conditions improved. Police say that roads were back to normal by Thursday afternoon. However, they hadn't seen this many accidents and road closures in the last several years.

We hope that no one was seriously injured in these crashes, and wish the victims of any injuries a full and quick recovery.