Bike Race Across Georgia - Watch out for Fallen Wires

Accident Attorney Tony Kalka helps riders on bicycles injured by motor vehicles. The recent storms throughout Georgia have created even more hazards. Atlanta PEDS, is an advocacy group working to make sidewalks more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. PEDS volunteers have been on a "wire hunt," and busy tracking down dangerous areas where wires are crowding sidewalks and roads. These wires are especially dangerous for cyclists and can cause fatal injuries.

In February 2006, John Lamb, upon reaching the intersection of Peachtree Street and Peachtree Battle Avenue had his bike entangled in wires hanging from a utility pole. Mr. Lamb, who was 40 years old, was thrown from his bike and killed. Witnesses reported that the wires had been crowding the sidewalk for several months.

PEDS has been working with volunteers to report incidents of loose and fallen utility wires to the companies responsible for them. Georgia Power has taken an important leadership role in resolving any issues with wires that are poorly maintained. They are working diligently to fix any problems with their wires and also inform any other companies that are using their utility poles of problems with those wires as well.

When riding, make sure you are looking for these hazards and help those who ride the same sidewalks by reporting any poorly maintained utility wires.

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