Do I have a case if my child fell between or through deck railings?

One of our current cases involves a child who fell between deck railings that were improperly built, improperly constructed, and negligently maintained. Our client's child walked thru the deck railings and fell from the second story onto the concrete pavement. He suffered severe injuries and was life-flighted to the local children's hospital.
deck child fell
Our law requires compliance with the appropriate building codes.
International Building Code 1013.3 Opening Limitations. Open Guards shall have balusters or ornamental patterns such that a 4-inch-diameter (102 mm) sphere cannot pass through any opening up to a height of 34 inches(864 mm).

Trial Lawyers at Kalka & Baer are actively pursuing this case to assure that the landlord properly fixes this problem so that another child does not become injured.

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