Lawrenceville Truck and Car Accident Attorney

Contrary to what many may think, August is the most dangerous month and Saturday is the most dangerous day for driving a car.

During the dangerous conditions of winter, many are more conscious of the dangers and some avoid the roads because the danger is so apparent. Weekends are the most heavily traveled days on the road therefore instinctively the most Night time has an increased fatality rate over the day with things like drunk driving and speeding increasing at night. Also, people at night tend the wear their safety belt less. Many people drive thinking it is the other drivers that are dangerous, underestimating their potential to cause an accident. Speed is a major factor in most serious crashes. This does not mean the driver is going 20 MPH over the speed limit. It has more to do with going too fast for conditions with weather and traffic. The best things anyone can do to avoid accidents is wear a safety belt, concentrate on the road, and stay in control.

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