What Should I do if my Child is hit by a Jet Ski

On the first day of August, a young boy was injured while riding on a jet ski. John Dahl was the passenger on the jet ski that was towing a knee boarder. After the knee boarder had fallen, the driver of the jet ski stopped. However, he floored the throttle when starting up again. At his point, John jumped off the jet ski and his leg became caught in the tow rope. They were able to get John to the dock and await medical assistance from there. The boy is expected to survive but is still in critical condition.

Jet Ski Accident Tow Rujles and Violations

In Georgia it is illegal for Boats or Personal Water Crafts to tow a persons on water skis, a skiboard, Jet Skis, or any other device between the hours of sunset and sunrise.

It is also illegal for a the operator of a boat or Jet Ski to tow a person within 100 feet of a vessel not underway or adrift, a dock, a pier, or a person.

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