Inclement Weather Contributed to Worst Freeway Pileups

Take a look at some of the largest freeway car pileups, involving upwards of 50 vehicles. Poor weather conditions like fog, snow on the road and heavy snowfall heavily contributed to these massive pileups.

November 3, 2007. The famous Fresno pileup has been called one of the largest highway accidents in U.S. history. It involved more than 100 cars, killing 2 people and injuring more than 30. Dense fog made visibility low for drivers traveling Highway 99.

So, Atlanta drivers should take caution for dangerous driving conditions caused by inclement weather as winter weather takes over. When weather conditions do turn bad, it puts drivers on the road at big risks. Rain, sleet, snow, fog are all dangerous conditions and can cause traffic accidents, like a recent Brooks County wreck caused by dense fog.

WCTV reported a statement made by Georgia State Patrol saying that a log truck was at the intersection of State Road 122 and State Road 133 when a minivan crashed into the truck, followed by another car that hit both the truck and the minivan.Five people were taken to local hospitals for sustained injuries. Later on the scene, a Brooks County Sheriff’s Deputy stated the thickness of the fog that morning to be so bad that you could barely see your hand in front of your face. The truck driver was charged with failing to yield the right away at a stop sign. And, the driver of the car was charged with driving too fast for the conditions and driving without a license.

Do You Know How to Drive in Poor Weather Conditions? suggests drivers to be aware of your surroundings, drive defensively and stay up to date on your car insurance policy should an accident happen. They also suggest that drivers check the weather in the area they plan to travel and then adjust traveling time to be able to drive slowly and safely.

Allstate gave these safe driving tips for traveling in the fog.

  • Drive using your low-beam headlights.
  • Slow down before you reach a patch of fog.
  • Turn on your defroster and windshield wipers.
  • Open your window and listen for traffic you can't see.
  • Don't overdrive your vision. If you can't stop before the farthest point on the pavement you can see, you need to slow down.

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