Bicycle Accident Settlement Rates Compared to Car Crashes

According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, bicycle riders are more likely than motorists to be injured in Georgia crashes. Even though more car accidents take place in Georgia than bicycle accidents, more bicyclists are injured than motor vehicle occupants in crashes involving cars and bikes.

This is mainly due to the difference in size, weight, and force of a car as opposed to a bicycle. A passenger in a vehicle has airbags and steel for protection in the event of an accident, whereas bicyclists typically don't have anything more than a helmet.

If a bicyclist sustains the same injuries in a crash as a motorist, shouldn't their compensation be the same?

In recent studies, bicyclists who sustained the same types of injuries as car occupants in accidents received lower settlements. In fact, the victims of car accidents received 30% to 40% higher settlements from insurance companies on average than cyclists suffering the same types of injuries.

Because filing a claim for a bicycle accident in Georgia can be complicated and overwhelming, you need to speak with an experienced Atlanta bicycle accident attorney. Having a knowledgeable accident attorney on your side can help your claim and settlement.

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