We represent Injured Alpharetta Cyclists and Bike Riders

As anyone can guess, for the most part when you have a match-up of bicycle vs. car, car wins. Although accidents do happen, the best approach when sharing the road with cars is to use as many preventative measures as possible to avoid a bicycle-car collision. I found an article recently that criticized the simplistic approach of cyclist safety that includes "wear a helmet" and "follow the law" and advocated for safety that puts prevention at the forefront. In the article the author references the "Ten Ways to Not Get Hit" and cites dangerous accident types such as "the right cross," "the door prize," "the crosswalk slam," "The Wrong-Way Wreck," and more.

Check out the "Ten Ways to Not Get Hit" here. I thoroughly enjoyed the practical approach and informative illustrations associated with learning to prevent the common types of collisions that occur between cyclists and cars. Even when taking these preventative measures, accidents still happen. To learn more about what you should do when you are involved in a bicycle accident it is smart to contact a knowledgeable attorney at Kalka & Baer

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