Dog and Bicycle / Bike Accident Attorney

The cost of a dog owner neglecting to control their animal can be great when cyclists are involved. For a woman in Ann Arbor, Michigan her run in with a dog while riding her bicycle ended with a hospital trip and nine staples to close two cuts on her head. The injured cyclist, who is an animal lover herself, was not angry at the dog that caused her crash, but the owners who failed to restrain the dog. She was in the middle of her 12 mile daily bike ride when the dog came charging from the left of her bike. The dog hit the bike and knocked it out from under the female cyclist causing her injuries. The owners did not come to check on the cyclist after she fell, but luckily a passing driver stopped to help and give her a ride home. She was then taken to the hospital by family.

This case is identical to the a case we pursued in Cherokee County and recovered $85,000 for our client's significant injuries.

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