Just how dangerous are Atlanta intersections?

Just how dangerous are Atlanta intersections?

Intersection accidents occur at an alarming rate. Although there are signal lights and yielding rules to make drivers safe, these are the exact things that get ignored, leading to intersection accidents in Atlanta and throughout Georgia.

Almost one-third of all vehicle wrecks happen at intersections across our nation. Experts mainly believe this is the case because there are vehicles turning, lanes intersecting, drivers stopping suddenly, and motorists speeding up rapidly. Much activity occurs at intersections, making them some of the most dangerous places to drive.

We often do not realize the dangers of intersections, as many of us go through them every day without a second thought. However, intersections are where drivers have been known to run red lights, ignore stop signs, and fail to yield the right of way.

Next time you approach an intersection in Georgia, do so with great caution. If you are stopped at a stop sign, try to judge an approaching vehicle's speed before you pull out.
Also, if the light turns yellow, do not try to speed up to cross the intersection. Allow yourself plenty of time to get to your destination so that you will not be tempted to speed or ignore the rules of the road.

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