Rome Bike ,Bicylcist, and Cyclist Lawyer

One of the most common causes of bicycle accidents is motorists entering a road way from a driveway or ally. Many times drivers neglect to spot a cyclist as they are looking to turn into a roadway. In Rome, Georgia, a male cyclist was transported to Floyd Medical Center for treatment after he was struck by a truck attempting to turn onto Shorter Avenue. The Ford pickup truck was exiting a BP gas station when it struck the male cyclist. The cyclist was reported to have sustained a back injury. Even though most cyclists are very careful when approaching these hazard areas, accidents still happen.

Injury Attorneys at Kalka & Baer are expeirenced Riders and Attorneys. They help Rome Bikers, Bicylcists, and Cyclists when Hurt by Drunk Drivers, Hit and Run Drivers, and Careless Drivers

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