We represent Cyclists and Bike Riders injured by Loose Dogs

As I was checking out some cycling blogs on the internet the other day I came across another incident involving cyclist v. dog. Luckily for this blogger and avid cyclist, a match up with a dog while he was riding his bike didn't end with injuries too severe, but it sure could have.
As Rick Ankrum was enjoying his morning ride he was forced to try and avoid loose dogs not once, but twice. He had to sprint past a couple of dogs at one point to avoid them. And later he turned to find yet another dog waiting in his path. As soon as the dog saw the cyclist it ran out from his yard and toward him. In an effort to avoid a front on collision that would result in him being taken down, the cyclist sped up to try and get past the dog. Unfortunately the cyclist did not make it and ended up going down anyways. He walked away with some severe road rash and tears in his clothing. In many other cases the results of a crash caused by a dog are much more severe. The hazard of loose animals is one many cyclists face and one that causes many bicycle

This case is identical to the a case we pursued in Cherokee County and recovered $85,000 for our client's significant injuries.

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