We Represent injured Macon, Georgia Bicycle Accident Victims

Before teenagers have the freedom of a driver's license they may choose to use a bike for their primary mode of transportation. Even pre-teens might enjoy the luxury of having the freedom to ride their bikes around town. Unfortunately for three teenagers in Macon, Georgia, what may have started out as a fun night ride ended with all three in the hospital.
In December 2009, Lashanda Green, a 24 year old from Macon, was driving home from Church around 8 p.m. in the evening when her windshield collapsed with a loud crash. Green said she had not seen anyone or anything in the roadway while she was driving. The crash was a result of the car colliding with 16-year-old, Deon Scott's bicycle. The young man was riding with two of his friends, one situated on the handle bars and the other standing on pegs connected to the rear tire. The boys said that they had seen no cars before trying to cross the street. Scott's friend that had been sitting on the handle bars sustained serious head injuries resulting from the crash. The other two boys and the driver sustained minor injuries. The driver ultimately had no charges filed against her.
There is no telling what the ultimate reason for this accident was, however many precautions could have helped change the outcome of this evening ride. When the sun goes down the potential for drivers to miss a cyclist on the road goes up. When riding after dark it is very important that a rider use extreme caution. If you or your children are going to be riding a bike after the sun goes down it is important to make sure and stay in well lit areas if possible, have reflectors on the bicycle, and to wear light colored clothing. Also, when crossing a street, especially at night, it is important to carefully check the roadway for cars. For more information concerning biclying accidents and to read about the latest bicycle accident survey click here.

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