We Represent injured Moultrie, Georgia Bicycle Accident Victims

Atlanta Personal Injury and Bicycle Accident Lawyer Tony Kalka rides his bicylce many miles a week and helps Bicycle accident victims. Interestingly, when we hear the usual safety tid-bits for riding a bike we don't usually hear any reference to individual health issues that fall outside of the norm. While hearing impairments are not generally discussed when addressing bicycle safety, maybe they should be.
In an unfortunate story from Moultrie, Georgia, Mark A. Zeigler was struck by a car as he was riding late one evening. The accident occurred about 11:30 p.m. Mr. Zeigler died in route to a Macon hospital around 6 a.m. the next morning. There is already an increased risk of riding a bike at night because of the potential for limited visibility of drivers. Couple this with the rider having a hearing impairment and the risk of injury continues to rise. His family believed that his hearing impairment was a major factor in the accident because he could not hear the car coming.
With a special circumstance such as a hearing impairment, a rider must make sure that drivers will not have a difficult time seeing him while sharing the road. This is difficult at night, so riders should try to stay in well lit areas, and where possible, ride on a sidewalk or beside the road to stay away from traffic. When riding at night it is also helpful for riders to have reflectors on their bicycle and to wear light colored clothing.

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