Co-Workers Involved in an Atlanta Car and Pedestrian Crash

Early in the morning on Friday, May 6, 2011, a bizarre Atlanta car accident occurred that involved two people from the same business.

The Atlanta morning host of CBS Radio's "Dave FM" WZGC-FM (92.9) was on his way to work when he hit a pedestrian walking across the street.

The pedestrian was walking across 15th Street in Midtown when he was hit by a sport utility vehicle. The driver of the SUV was morning host Jimmy Baron, and the pedestrian he hit was producer Jeremy "Fat Kid" Powell. Powell and Baron worked together many years ago at a different station, and Powell just recently took over as this show's producer.

Both driver and pedestrian were on their way to work around 5 a.m. when the accident occurred.

After the morning show host hit his own producer, the producer was taken by ambulance to the Atlanta Medical Center for medical care. Powell, 30, sustained a broken ankle and broken tailbone. Powell made comments on his Twitter page following the accident, saying "Holy crap! Got hit by a car." He also said, "Person who hit me is my very good friend and coworker Jimmy Baron. He was freaking out more than I was."

Powell was released from the hospital with crutches and is now back at home resting.

The Kalka & Baer Firm would like to wish Jeremy Powell a full and fast recovery. We also would like to remind victims of Atlanta car accidents to avoid posting comments on social networking sites following any type of accident.

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