Red Light Runner Hits Decatur Bicyclist

Last month, a Decatur bicycle accident occurred when a car ran a red light and struck a bicyclist. According to authorities, the car was traveling around 30 mph when it hit the cyclist in downtown Decatur, GA.

Ben Gerhardstein, a member of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and the cyclist who was hit by the negligent driver, has stated that he was fortunate to survive the bicycle accident. After the crash, he was left with a fractured rib, bruises, and cuts.

In the metro Atlanta area, there has been a high number of other recent pedestrian and bicycle accidents. One pedestrian accident, in which a female was walking across a street in Decatur when she was hit by a car, happened the day before Mr. Gerhardstein was injured. The pedestrian suffered injuries in the collision. Also, two other Cobb County bicycle accidents occurred, one in which a cyclist was killed after a hit-and-run accident and the other in which a cyclist was injured.

The Reality of Georgia Bicycle Crashes

The state of Georgia ranks eighth for bicycle fatalities among all U.S. states, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation. Also, the city of Atlanta ranks tenth among large metro cities for pedestrian accidents.

While bicycle and pedestrian accidents occur less frequently than car crashes, a car crashing into a pedestrian or bicyclist often causes great devastation for the largely unprotected individual.

The Kalka & Baer Firm would like to wish Mr. Gerhardstein a full and fast recovery.

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