Atlanta Bicycle Attorney Explains What Your Inurance Company Reqiures when a Bike Acccident Occurs

What does GEICO General Insurance Company Require Its Policy Holder to do When Hurt or Injured in a Hit and Run Bicycle Accident?

1 :) In cases of injury, or property damage in excess of $500, report immediately, or as soon as practicable, by the quickest means of communication, the accident to the local police, office of county sheriff, or nearest state patrol.

2 :) File with Geico, within 30 days of reporting the accident, a statement under oath setting forth the facts of the accident and claiming that he/she has a cause of action for damages against an unidentified person; and

3:) Makes available for inspection, at Geico's request, the auto that the insured was occupying at the time of the accident.

What are my legal options after an Atlanta Bike Accident? If you have been injured, or a love one has been seriously hurt in a bicycle accident then it is important to contact experienced Atlanta Bicycle Attorneys. We will discuss with you your legal rights against the at fault driver. We will also discuss the availability of insurance coverage that protects and safe guards against bicycle accidents. Contacting and experienced Atlanta Bicycle attorney is your first step towards legal recovery.

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