What Attorney Should I Hire If I Am In a Hit and Run Bike Accident

When a teenager from Albany Georgia decided to make a quick run to the store on his bicycle he didn't know he would end up at the hospital.

Brian Harrington, a 16 year old who frequently rode his bike to the close by Taco Bell and grocery store, was involved in a hit and run on September 1st. albany bike accident He remembers a white SUV speeding and swerving toward him before hitting him and throwing him through the air. The crash knocked the teenager unconscious and he awoke to 7 EMTs standing over him. He was in a lot of pain but luckily did not suffer any permanent or debilitating injuries. The street where the accident happened was one that is notorious in the Albany community for speeding and reckless driving.

In Georgia, there are multiple ways to recover for a hit and run cycling accident. There may be uninsured motorist insurance coverage that you are not aware even exists.

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