What are my rights if I broke my leg at an apartment deck

In Albany, three people were taken to the hospital Sunday, May 29, when a second story deck fell. The family that resides in the West Hill home where the deck fell were enjoying a nice summer night on their deck when it collapsed. deck collapse The six people that were on the deck were stuck in their backyard until emergency responders got to the scene. One of the victims described the accident as a "slow motion slide" when the deck just let go of the house and dropped down. The 12 foot drop ended in three being taken to the hospital by ambulance but no life threatening injuries. There were no signs that lead officers to why the deck collapsed

In Georgia, Lanlords have a duty to keep their premises in repair and are liable for damages to others resulting from failure to keep decks in repair.

If you or someone you know was injured because of a defective deck please contact us to discuss your case

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