What should I do If I Suffered a Fracured Wrist and Broken Sternum due to Rental Condo Deck Collapse

A family that was visiting Tybee Island for a relaxing getaway tragically lost their mother after the deck of their rental condo collapsed.deck collapse The family was cooking on the deck when the collapse happened sending boiling water flying along with the members of the family as the deck gave way. While most of the family members were treated for scrapes, bruises and minor fractures, the mother who was 87 years old suffered a fractured wrist and hip as well as third-degree burns to the right side of her body and back. Another victim also broke her sternum, tibia, and some toes. The 87 year old woman was transported to the Augusta Burn Center after being treated for her other injuries, but sadly she did not make it through treatment. She died 11 days after the collapse.

In Georgia, Landlords and Condo Rental Owners can be liable to injuries of their guests. The tragic even discussed in this blog deserves the attention of experienced trial lawyers. If you or a loved one have been injured in a Rental Condo Deck Collapse Contact us Today

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