Overload and Overweight Truck Accidents

Every commercial truck has a maximum design weight. Referred to as the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), the maximum is calculated by rating the truck’s axels, frame, powertrain, suspension, and brake system, says the National Truck Equipment Association, NTEA.

But, trucks, even partially full, can be overloaded. An overloaded truck actually is more costly to maintain and operate. More importantly, an overloaded tractor-trailer truck can increase the risk of that truck causing an accident.

That’s why there are local, state, and federal regulations that apply to the weight of a commercial truck. If these regulations are broken, truck drivers, and sometimes trucking companies, are greatly fined and can face liability in a truck accident claim.

How can an overloaded truck cause an accident?

  • Tires can pop from the added pressure.
  • Drivers can have less steering control.
  • It takes longer and more force to stop the truck.
  • It can make travelling uphill even more difficult.
  • The added weight increases the truck’s center of gravity- making it more likely to rollover.

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