Tractor-Trailer Crashes Into Three Cyclists in South Georgia

Tractor-Trailer Crashes Into Three Cyclists in South Georgia

A recent Georgia biking accident involving a tractor-trailer sadly resulted in a fatality and two serious injuries. Two bicyclists were injured after being hit by a semi truck on a Georgia highway; the third cyclist was killed in the accident.

The three men in their early sixties were biking from Prudhow Bay, AL and on their way to Key West, FL. The bike accident happened 7 days and 700 miles from the group’s finishing destination.

Thomas Clark, 62, and Joseph Muscato, 60, were the two cyclists that were hospitalized following the crash. And, it was Peter Cornell, 64, who died at the accident scene.

According to the Albany Herald, a tractor-trailer hit the three bicyclists travelling east on Highway 520 early in the morning.

The truck driver told state troopers that he didn’t see the cyclists. When the vehicle struck the bike riders, they were all three knocked into a ditch on the side of the road.

Per advice from a Georgia State Trooper- “[Truck drivers] need to yield to bicyclists and give them at least three feet. Keep in mind that bicyclists are moving a lot slower than a vehicle. As the driver approaches, they should slow down and pass with care.”

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