Interlock Ignition Laws To Prevent Drunk Driving Spread Across States

Drunk Driving Interlock ignition technology prevents a severely drunk driver from operating his or her vehicle. The device prevents the car from starting if the driver who blows into it has an alcohol level above a certain point, according to

Some states are requiring those convicted of DUIs or DWIs to use ignition interlock devices to prevent repeat offenses. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers is a main group advocating states to change legislation cracking down on drunk drivers.

There are currently 32 states with ignition interlock laws for first time drunk drivers.

  • 16 states with ignition interlock laws for those who blew a .08 or above
  • 13 states with ignition interlock laws for those who had a BAC of at least .15
  • 2 states with ignition interlock laws for those who had a BAC of at least .16
  • 1 state with ignition interlock laws for those who had a BAC of at least .17

There are 8 other states, including Georgia, that require ignition interlock laws for drunk drivers convicted for the second time.

Atlanta drivers under the influence of alcohol can be harmful even deadly causing auto accidents. This nationwide push for ignition interlock devices mandated for convicted drunk drivers not only halts drunk driving but also reduces the number of re-arrests.

Personal injury cases against drunk drivers are often more complex and more complicated than other types of auto accidents. If you have been in a Georgia auto accident caused by a drunk driver it is imperative that you contact the law firm of Kalka & Baer immediately.

We will conduct a detailed investigation of the accident and gather all the evidence necessary, including:
  • The 911 tape
  • The police video from your accident
  • A copy of the drunk driver’s court file
  • The result of the breathalyzer or field sobriety test

Certain evidence such as the 911 tape and the squad video must be obtained quickly to ensure that they are not destroyed.

Georgia law provides for damages against a driver who is driving drunk or impaired. The law also allows money damages to punish the wrongdoer. In Georgia, a person who operates a vehicle when their blood alcohol content is .08 or higher is presumed to have operated a vehicle while impaired.

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