What Are Different Medical Options for Spleen Injuries After an Alpharetta Crash?

Alpharetta car crashes often produce catastrophic injuries, one of the most serious is a damaged spleen. A ruptured spleen will almost always require extensive medical attention.

Victims of suspected spleen injuries should be taken to the hospital immediately after an Alpharetta auto accident. The doctors should then perform a CT scan of the abdomen or an ultrasound to determine the severity of the injury.

Depending on the specific injury, different treatment and medical options may be available including:

  • Surgery to repair the spleen – when a moderate splenic injury occurs, doctors may be able to repair the spleen rather than remove it.
  • Surgery to remove the spleen – some people may have to undergo an operation called a splenectomy to remove their spleen when too much damage has been done. People can live without their spleen, but they are more prone to suffer infections. Doctors will have to give these people extra vaccines and antibiotics for the rest of their lives to compensate.
  • Healing without surgery – sometimes spleen injuries can heel on their own with close monitoring by doctors. In some cases blood transfusions and lengthy hospital stays are required.

If you were injured in a Alpharetta car crash and suffered a spleen rupture due to someone else’s careless driving, you may have rights to financial compensation. You should talk with a skilled Alpharetta accident lawyer at Kalka & Baer.

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