High School Prom Students Experience Pier & Deck Collapse Accidents

High School Prom Students Experience Pier & Deck Collapse Accidents

Prom is supposed to be an eventful night full of memories teenagers will hold on to; however, for teens at one Wisconsin high school, this is not how they wanted to remember prom.

A group of high schoolers from Moraine High School in Wales, Wisconsin, went out onto a wooden pier at Lac La Belle for a photo shoot prior to prom. However, the pier collapsed under them, causing everyone to fall into the lake below.

Although the teens were soaking wet from this situation, they amazingly escaped without any injuries. One teen told the media that he heard a crack and then the wooden pier just collapsed from under them. A mother who was there taking pictures of her daughter told media that she heard screams and it seemed like they were falling in to the lake in slow motion.

After this group plunged into the water below, another group of high school students on their way to prom also made the news for all the wrong reasons. Just one week later, high schoolers from Churubusco High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, fell through a deck.

The deck collapsed while the high school students were on the deck taking photos before going to prom. Twelve teens were on the deck poising for a photo when the balcony gave off a loud cracking sound and gave way from underneath them.

Some teenagers suffered minor injuries in this deck collapse accident. However, in both cases the teens were able to walk away without serious injuries and went on to attend prom.

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