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A. Bryan Baer, Esq.

Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

A. Bryan Baer, Esq.

When I sit down with a client who has been injured or has lost a loved one through the recklessness or negligence of another, I can't help but think of my wife, Holly, and our children Ellison and Brooks. So when I'm helping my clients cope with the aftermath of a tragedy, I take care of them the way I would want someone to take care of us if tragedy struck our family."

Before partnering with his good friend, Tony Kalka, Bryan Baer defended insurance companies and large corporations.

"While I learned a ton, I did not find this sort of work very satisfying. I am proud of the work I do now, proud to be partnered with a good friend and take great satisfaction in helping those seriously injured recover from their loss."

Bryan graduated cum laude with a degree in economics from the University of Georgia and that background in economics has been invaluable in terms of explaining how a case might be valued in the eyes of a jury.

"It's extremely hard to say 'No' to someone who is dealing with a business dispute or with a personal misfortune and they are looking for help. But every case is not winnable and every business venture is not viable. As far as I'm concerned, one of the most valuable things a lawyer can do is – from the very beginning, tell his or her potential clients, what it looks like the chances of success are and setting realistic expectations for what success means. And my commitment to complete honesty with my clients does not stop once I agree to accept his or her case. Litigation can take months and years, and there are most often ups and downs as more facts are revealed and as the legal wheels start turning. Often the case that looked great in March looks horrible by May, so it is my obligation to continue to communicate my feelings every step of the way. Likewise, if a client selects me as his or her lawyer, I always try to instill in them their responsibility, which is to listen and consider my advice regardless of whether it is positive or negative."

Accolades and Achievements

Bryan's efforts on behalf of his clients have not gone unnoticed. His accomplishments include:

Getting to Know Bryan Baer

Should you chose Bryan as your lawyer, you can be certain that he will thoroughly study your situation and provide you with the best possible chance of success. When he's not practicing law, the highlight of Bryan's days are the hours he shares with Holly, Ellison and Brooks. He is also a college football fanatic and spends much of his Saturday nights watching all of the games with his family. For up to date information regarding the firm and Bryan Baer, click here to view Bryan's Google+ profile.

"My practice will continue to be successful if I am honest with my clients and put their needs and interests before mine."