Multi-Vehicle Car Accidents in Atlanta

Were you injured in a car pile-up?

One of the most catastrophic forms of car accidents is when multiple vehicles are involved. These are also known as pile-ups and can involve anywhere from two to hundreds of vehicles. In most cases, these occur because of low-visibility, such as fog or other forms of inclement weather. For example, it may be caused by a car accident occurring on a two-lane highway during sleeting rain; because the other cars cannot see the collision, they drive as normal, crashing into it. As the problem persists, more and more cars become entangled in the accident-eventually leading to a massive pile-up.

The same problem can occur on a freeway when cars are driving fast during low-visibility. One car in front may hit the brakes because of a problem, leaving the car behind without enough time to stop. After this rear-end collision, it can leave multiple cars skidding across the road without time to avoid the pile-up in front of them. It may even cause cars to spiral into other lanes of oncoming traffic.

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Understanding the Dangers of a Multi-Car Accident

Due to the numerous vehicles that are involved in a pile-up, it can cause exponentially more dangerous circumstances than an ordinary car accident. For example, it can cause the cars to crumple, making fatalities a much more common occurrence. Even in cases where drivers and passengers are able to get out of the vehicle before it crumples, they risk being hit by the oncoming cars. Similarly, since the cars are connected, they run the risk of fire spreading; so if one car ignites, fire will likely jump from vehicle to vehicle.

Recent Multiple-Vehicle Collisions

Unfortunately, multiple-vehicle accidents are not as rare as one would like. They happen all the time, and often result in multiple catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. The following are some of the most catastrophic pile-ups that have happened recently in the United States from 2011 to March 2013:

  • December 2011: In Tennessee, a pile-up involved 176 vehicles in Sumner County. There were three separate accidents that caused a chain reaction due to heavy fog-despite the fact that there was not a fog advisory at the time. Between 16 and 18 people were injured, and 1 was killed. There was also another pile-up that month in New Orleans on I-10 where 40 vehicles crashed, causing 50 injuries, half of which were deemed serous. The cause was believed to be heavy fog and smoke.
  • October 2012: In Florida on Interstate I-75 Southbound, more than 47 vehicles were involved in 12 separate accidents. The cause was believed to be the whiteout rain happening at the time.
  • November 2012: In Jefferson County in Texas, on Interstate I-10, 150 vehicles were involved in a pile-up due to heavy fog. The accident left 100 people hurt and 2 dead.
  • January 2013: Several accidents occurred this month. Due to a flash snow-burst, two pile-ups happened on January 21-one on Interstate 275 near Cincinnati, OH and another on Interstate 75 near Middletown, Ohio. The Cincinnati accident killed a 12-year-old girl. Then, on January 31, another flash snow-burst caused a pile-up on Interstate 75 near Detroit, Michigan.
  • March 2013: Roughly 95 vehicles were involved in an accident on Interstate 77 in Carroll County, with excessive fog being blamed for the crash. Three people were killed.

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