Aggressive Truck Driving

"What are some of the signs of aggressive driving, and how do I avoid an accident with an aggressive truck driver?"

Aggressive driving injures approximately 150,000 people each year. Also, such behavior kills about 1,000 people every year. This real problem is caused by negligent drivers. In particular, truck drivers have been known to contribute to a high percentage of these aggressive driving injuries and fatalities. If you encounter an aggressive truck driver in Atlanta, do not use hand gestures or cut the individual off to teach a lesson. Instead, you should switch lanes safely, remain calm, drive defensively, and allow plenty of room around the semi truck.

Warning signs of an aggressive truck driver include:

  • Speeding;
  • Cutting cars off and passing vehicles improperly;
  • Erratic lane changing;
  • Abrupt maneuvers;
  • Accelerating quickly;
  • Tailgating other vehicles;
  • Braking quickly;
  • Using offensive hand gestures and language;
  • Flashing headlights and honking the horn;
  • Not obeying traffic signs and signals.

If you have been injured in a truck accident due to an aggressive truck driver, then contact an experienced Atlanta truck accident attorney at Kalka & Baer LLC.