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The Relationship between Motorcyclists and Motorists on Georgia Roads

The Relationship between Motorcyclists and Motorists on Georgia Roads

Atlanta Injury Blog > 2010 > December > The Relationship between Motorcyclists and Motorists on Georgia Roads

Riding a motorcycle can be thrilling. However, riding a motorcycle in Atlanta traffic also can be deadly. Keep in mind that an estimated 80% of motorcycle crashes end in serious injuries or death. This statistic is astonishing, but not surprising, since motorcyclists are more vulnerable in collisions as they don't have anything protecting them, and often aren't even wearing helmets.

The injuries sustained in Atlanta motorcycle accidents can include road rash, spinal cord injury, head trauma, traumatic brain injury, and even death. Motorcyclists need to do their part in keeping themselves safe, such as wearing helmets, not speeding or driving too aggressively, and taking other safety measures. However, motorcyclists aren't the only ones who need to practice safety. Other motorists on the road play a huge part in the safety of bikers.

The Governors Highway Safety Association released its estimated numbers on motorcycle fatalities in 2009. There were an estimated 4,762 deaths nationwide, which was the first time in over a decade that motorcycle fatalities decreased. In order for this fatality rate to continue to decrease, we need to continue to spread awareness of motorcycle safety in Georgia and throughout the country.

Allstate, a nationwide insurance company, released safety tips for motorcyclists and motorists sharing the road . These tips include: motorists need to be more aware of motorcyclists, look twice before changing lanes, be aware of blind spots, assume that motorcyclists are closer than they appear in the mirrors, allow more stopping distance when following a biker, and yield to motorcyclists.

The largest problem facing motorcyclists is other vehicles. If drivers of motor vehicles can make more of an effort to look out for motorcycles, allow more room for bikers to pass, and check for motorcycles before changing lanes, then less motorcycle fatalities will occur.

Motorcycle crashes in Atlanta and throughout the nation can lead to neck and back injuries, head injuries, paralysis, and even death. If you have been injured or have lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash in Atlanta or anywhere throughout Georgia, then you should talk with a knowledgeable Georgia personal injury attorney to find out your rights and see if you have a legal claim. Call The Kalka Law Group at (404) 907-1594, or visit our website to request your free copy of Tony Kalka's book, Sharing the Road and Surviving the Crash.


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