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What to do if Injured or Hurt in Car Accident and No Health Insurance

What to do if Injured or Hurt in Car Accident and No Health Insurance

Injured in a Car Accident and do not have Health Insurance. Kalka & Baer can Help Today.

In this economy, many of our clients do not have health insurance. If you have been in an accident and do not have health insurance do not worry. You are not alone and we are hear to help.

airbag deployed Our doctors stand by to help they are familiar with all common injuries you that you may have suffered. One common injury of auto accidents is injury to the joint and ligaments of the jaw (Temporomandibular Joint Injury). This injury can cause issues with chewing, eating, and speaking. Those who have suffered this injury may have symptoms that include: blurred vision, pain/pressure behind the eyes, sensitivity to light, headaches, dizziness, pain in jaw, lock jaw, or limited movement of the mouth.

Another common injury is back injury. This is no surprise to anyone as back pain is a very common complaint of those involved in car accidents. Lower back pain is very common in car accidents. Other back injuries that can occur include herniated discs and disc bulges. Injuries such as these to the spine will produce symptoms including arm or leg weakness, paralysis, difficulty breathing, numbness and tingling, and sometimes abnormal bowel and bladder function.

People involved in auto accidents also may suffer from muscle injury including injury to tendons and ligaments. These types of injuries are often referred to as soft tissue injuries and may not be realized until days after an accident. Although they may not be apparent immediately after an accident, these types of injuries can cause severe pain and eventually result in chronic pain if not treated.

Kalka & Baer has many available physicians and medical staff on call that will see you immediately. If you were injured in an accident and do not have health insurance we can still help you. Contact Kalka & Baer today


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