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A Message for Aggressive Truck Drivers in Georgia

A Message for Aggressive Truck Drivers in Georgia

In the summer of 2009, Georgia's sheriff deputies, law enforcement officials, and the Georgia Department of Public Safety teamed up in an initiative called G-TACT (Georgia Targeting Aggressive Cars and Trucks), aimed at stopping aggressive drivers of cars and trucks.

Georgia officials noticed an increase in aggressive driving behaviors, and wanted to spotlight this problem in the hopes of decreasing it, particularly in truck drivers. Aggressive driving is always dangerous, but especially when a fully loaded tractor trailer weighing 80,000 pounds is participating in this behavior. In fact, statistics show that occupants of passenger vehicles are most likely to be injured or die in accidents between cars and big rigs.

What were the results of the Georgia aggressive driving campaign?

The G-TACT initiative resulted in 444 traffic citations and 330 warnings. Officials also conducted over 400 large truck safety inspections during this five-day event. The crackdown on aggressive driving in Atlanta and throughout Georgia resulted in one main message that law enforcement officers wanted to share with all Georgia motorists: Leave plenty of room around large trucks.

Other helpful hints included:

  • Allow plenty of room for truck drivers to change lanes.
  • Do not follow a truck too closely, also known as tailgating.
  • Move into another lane if a truck is tailgating you.
  • Drive carefully and defensively.

While following these tips will most certainly limit your chances of being involved in an Atlanta car and truck accident caused by an aggressive driver, it will not completely diminish your chances. Even the smartest of drivers can be injured by aggressive ones.
If you have been injured by an aggressive truck driver in Georgia, or if someone you love has died in a Georgia truck accident, then contact Atlanta personal injury attorney Tony Kalka at Kalka & Baer. You may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries, medical bills, ongoing care, lost wages, and more.


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