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Three Hand Signals Georgia Bicyclists Should Learn

Three Hand Signals Georgia Bicyclists Should Learn

Atlanta Injury Blog > 2011 > February > Three Hand Signals Georgia Bicyclists Should Learn

Bicycle accidents in Georgia occur for many reasons. Such causes include negligent drivers, drivers running stop lights, drunk drivers, failure to yield, and drivers who aren't looking for bicyclists. However, cycling accidents also can occur because of negligent bicyclists who are not following the Georgia bicycle laws.

Because bicycles are harder to see than cars or trucks, motorists often neglect to look out for them. When a bicyclist wants to pass a vehicle, he or she must proceed with great care. A cyclist should make eye contact with the automobile driver and indicate his or her desired direction and intentions. Bicyclists should learn how to properly signal their intentions to other motorists.

In Georgia, hand signals are not required by law. However, a bicyclist should learn the proper hand signals in order to prevent a bicycle accident in Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia from occurring.

Learn proper hand signals.

Left Turn: When a cyclist wants to turn left, he or she should signal just as cars do. Use your left arm and extend it straight out from your shoulder, making sure your palm is facing down. This signal should be done several feet prior to turning. This will make motorists around you aware of your intentions.

Right Turn: When making a right hand turn, a cyclist should slow down and look both ways. Use your left arm and extend it straight out. Then bend your elbow at a 90 degree angle with your forearm up and your palm pointing forward.

Stopping: When stopping, extend your left arm parallel to the road and angle your forearm down, with your palm facing behind you.

Learning the proper hand signals may help other drivers see you and prevent Georgia bicycle accidents.


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