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7 Symptoms of a Herniated Disc after an Atlanta Accident

7 Symptoms of a Herniated Disc after an Atlanta Accident

7 Symptoms of a Herniated Disc after an Atlanta Accident

You may have heard of herniated disc injuries, but what are they really? How will you know if you experience a herniated disc after anAtlanta car accident? To determine if you have a herniated disc following a Georgia car crash, you need to first understand what it is.

There are discs that separate the spinal vertebrae and provide cushion between the vertebrae and your spinal column. These discs are full of a soft, gel-like substance. When trauma occurs and a disc ruptures or moves out of place, it can push against the spinal nerves and cause immense pain.

After an Atlanta auto accident, the lower back is the most common area for a herniated disc, followed by the neck's cervical disks and then the thoracic discs (upper-to-mid back). When a disc moves out of place, you can experience mild to severe pain.

There are several symptoms of a herniated disc to be aware of, including:

  • Numbness
  • Weakness
  • Pain
  • Tingling
  • Aching
  • Burning
  • Pulsating sensation

These symptoms often occur on one side of your body, and the pain may start off slowly but increase rapidly. The pain may get worse after standing or sitting for a long time, when laughing or sneezing, and even at night. If you have a herniated disc after an Atlanta car crash, you may feel sharp pain in your back, leg, hip, foot, or buttocks. It may be accompanied by numbness in the calf, foot, and other parts of your body or weakness of certain muscles.

Everyone's pain is different. Some people will not be able to move because they are in such serious pain, while others will notice that they can't lift their leg without pain or perform daily activities without difficulty. Some won't notice anything at all until a doctor discovers a back injury.

Over time, a slipped disc can cause chronic pain and injure back muscles. Insurance companies may try to diminish your back injury claim, so you will need someone on your side to get you the compensation that you deserve. Contact Kalka & Baer today for a free consultation with one of our qualified Atlanta personal injury lawyers.


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