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Cyclist and Bike Injury Attorney

Cyclist and Bike Injury Attorney

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As a cyclist myself, I am always interested to help those injured in accidents involving bicycles. I found a recent press release that was particularly interesting and discussed the common accidents involving cyclists and cars as well as the ways to raise awareness when riding where these accidents are likely to happen. Interestingly, we have represented clients involved in all of the types of accidents described below.

1. Dooring - this occurs when the door from a parked car suddenly opens in the path of a cyclist who is passing by. To avoid this, cyclists are encouraged to ride as far as safety allows to the left of the parked vehicles.

2. Hits from Crossing Traffic - when vehicles approach a road from driveways or side streets the sometimes pull forward without noticing a cyclist. This also happens when cars making a left turn in front of a cyclist do not see the cyclist. The suggestion to avoid this common accident is to wear bright clothing and reflective gear. Also, when you are approaching a dangerous area that presents this hazard, the slower the better so you can stop if you need to.

3. Crosswalk Crashes - this happens often because drivers generally pay attention to the road in front of them and not the sidewalks, so when a cyclist approaches a crosswalk a driver may be surprised by the cyclist. Pedestrians may also be surprised when a cyclist approaches which may also cause an accident.

4. Wrong-Way Head - Ons-some cyclists believe riding against the flow of traffic is safer because drivers can more easily see them and the cyclist has a better view of the oncoming car. However, this can cause serious head-on accidents. The force of the bicycle and car coming together when traveling towards each other is much greater than if a car and bike collide traveling in the same direction.

5. Sudden Right Turn Accidents - this can happen when a car is trying to pass a bike and then make a right turn or is the driver is simply unaware that the cyclist is present. To avoid this risk, cyclists should try to avoid blind spots and also wait at lights behind vehicles instead of next to them in case the driver will be making a turn.

Unfortunately, even when cyclists ride with the utmost care, accidents may still happen. If you are in an accident while riding a bike contacting a knowledgeable attorney will be beneficial to help resolve claims against a party who caused you to have an accident. If you our a loved one have been involved in an accident described in this blog please contact The Kalka Law Group.


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