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An Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Discusses Heat Exhaustion

An Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Discusses Heat Exhaustion

An Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Discusses Heat Exhaustion

Motorcyclists ride in many different weather conditions, including cool, warm, and hot temperatures. Because of the wide variation of temperatures that motorcyclists ride in, they need to be aware of the dangers that could face them, and learn about the signs and symptoms that may spell trouble.

When motorcyclists ride in extremely hot conditions, they need to look out for heat exhaustion symptoms so they can avoid a motorcycle crash in Georgia. Symptoms of heat exhaustion can include:

  • Cramps. Riders may get muscle cramps in their legs and lower abdomen, followed by arm cramps.
  • Headaches. Motorcyclists may experience dizziness, severe headaches, and even nausea.
  • Sweating. As their core body temperature increases, motorcyclists may experience profuse sweating.
  • Fatigue. Riders may feel tired and weak when overheated.
  • Clammy skin. A common sign of heat exhaustion is pale, clammy skin.

When a rider begins to feel any of these above symptoms, he needs to take fast action to make sure he doesn’t pass out and cause an Atlanta motorcycle accident. These actions can include:
  • Find an air-conditioned place to rest, or at least get into shade immediately.
  • Drink water.
  • Wet down the skin or clothing.
  • Lie down with feet raised above the head if feeling faint.
  • Get medical care if necessary.

Because extreme heat can cause heat exhaustion to occur, riders need to constantly be aware of where their rides are taking them and how the temperatures may vary in order to stay healthy on the road.

Although you may do everything you can to stay healthy and safe on your ride, you may still have suffered injuries in a Georgia motorcycle crash due to someone else’s negligence. Call Kalka & Baer to discuss your case in a free consultation with a knowledgeable Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer.


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