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Motor Vehicle Accident is One of Top Causes for Broken Ribs

Motor Vehicle Accident is One of Top Causes for Broken Ribs

A broken rib is a common injury that results from one of the bones in a person’s rib cage breaking or cracking. According to the Mayo Clinic, the most common cause of broken ribs is intense trauma to the chest area- a fall, a motor vehicle accident, or impact during contact sports. In most cases, broken ribs will heal on their own in one or two months.

University of Arkansas’ Razorback Head Coach Bobby Petrino suffered four broken ribs and cracked vertebrae from his recent motorcycle accident.ESPN reports the accident having happened of Petrino’s fault. A self-admitted motorcycle enthusiast, he was driving on Highway 16 in Madison County when he veered off of the two-lane highway and crashed his motorcycle. It was reported that Petrino was also not wearing a helmet while riding. He has been released from the hospital under his doctor’s care. What a cautionary tale of how motor vehicle accidents can result in one or several broken ribs.

Symptoms and Treatment of Broken Ribs
Breathing deeply is often cited as the most painful part of having a broken rib. In fact, many doctors will cite pain when breathing as a symptom of a broken rib. Other common broken rib symptoms include:

  • rib tenderness
  • pain that gets worse when your bend or twist your body
  • sharp pain while breathing
  • the feeling of bone scraping against bone under the skin

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you need to see a doctor right away. Broken ribs can lead to several medical complications, with the risk of complications increasing as more than one rib is broken. Complications most likely affect the vital organs that are protected by the rib cage. The sharp, broken part of the injured rib can tear or puncture organs like the lung, spleen, liver and kidney.

Another complication that can develop from a broken rib is pneumonia. If it hurts too much to take deep breaths, it can increase the risk of contracting pneumonia, an infection in the lungs.

Contact an Accident Lawyer
Broken ribs need a lengthy healing process and continual pain medication that usually includes regular doctor appointments and check ups. Medical expenses from this injury quickly add up to be overwhelming. If you are suffering from a broken rib that resulted from a car, truck or motorcycle accident, you might not be responsible for paying for your medical expenses. Contacting the best Cumming accident lawyers at Kalka & Baer can help you understand the aftermath of your accident. We offer free, no obligation consultations when you contact our office.


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