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Results of Unsecured and Improperly Loaded Trucks on Georgia Roads

Results of Unsecured and Improperly Loaded Trucks on Georgia Roads

When a truck's load is not tied down properly, cargo can fall off onto the roadway, causing harm to other motor vehicles on the road. Car accidents in Georgia and throughout the nation can occur as a result. Sometimes, truck drivers aren't even aware that their cargo has fallen off, and they continue driving. A truck driver can remain completely unaware that he caused a traffic accident or injured an innocent motorist.

Results of Unsecured Loads- When a fallen load collides with a car or motorcycle, the vehicle's drivers and passengers can be seriously injured or even killed. When cargo falls off of a semi truck, many possible scenarios can unfold, including:

  • Drivers swerve to avoid the debris and collide into other cars
  • The debris can puncture a car's tire, leading to a blow out
  • The debris can cause physical damage to a car

Results of Improperly Loaded Trucks- Even when the cargo doesn't fall from the semi truck, the load may shift if it is not properly secured. If this happens, the truck's center of gravity changes, resulting in the following:

  • The truck may jackknife
  • The truck may lose control
  • The truck may tip over

The driver and/or passenger(s) of other vehicles can be seriously injured from trucking accidents caused by fallen or improperly secured cargo. When truck accidents in Georgia occur, catastrophic injuries may result, including: brain damage, head injury, spinal cord damage, paralysis and even death. If you have been injured from a truck accident due to a load that fell onto the roadway, contact the best Georgia trucking accident attorneys at the Kalka & Baer law firm.

Trucking companies and its drivers are responsible for the load the truck carries. And, it is part of their responsibilities to ensure the shipment is loaded and transported correctly. If you have been injured by debris from a semi truck, contact an experienced truck accident lawyer immediately following the crash. If you were involved in a car accident caused by a negligent trucker, or if someone you love has died in an Atlanta truck crash, then call attorney at the Kalka & Baer law firm for a free consultation.


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