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The Severity of an Alpharetta Cycling Accident

The Severity of an Alpharetta Cycling Accident

It is actually more frequent to be involved in a serious crash nearby your own residence. Of all the various types of road accidents a person can be in, bicycle and motorcycle accidents have the highest chance for a biker to be traumatically or fatally injured.

If you have been involved in an Alpharetta biking accident, you could need the help of an accident attorney.

At the Kalka & Baer law firm, our attorneys specialize in personal injury cases. Our firm was founded with the vision of helping those victims who have been seriously injured in an accident. Filing an accident claim is a complicated process. If Kalka & Baer takes on your case, we promise to work through that process with you. And, we promise to ensure that the insurance company offers you the fairest settlement possible.

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It’s not a guarantee that safety tips will prevent you from being in an Alpharetta bike accident. But, they can help lessen your chance of an accident and therefore lessen your chance of being seriously injured.

Here are 5 bike safety procedures you can follow…

  • Be alert: be aware of your surroundings, prepare mentally (be well rested, especially for a strenuous ride), and prepare physically (with proper hydration and nutrition)
  • Know the rules of the road: cyclists must obey the same traffic laws as their fellow motorists
  • Ride designed paths: when possible, use bike lanes or designated bike paths
  • Maintain bike: use proper equipment and keep your bike in top shape with routine maintenance
  • Ride in groups: makes you more visible if riding a bike in a group and gives you a support system should an emergency (flat tire, dehydration) happen

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