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Driving Habits of Atlanta Truckers and Passenger Vehicle Drivers

Driving Habits of Atlanta Truckers and Passenger Vehicle Drivers

Atlanta Injury Blog > 2012 > February > Driving Habits of Atlanta Truckers and Passenger Vehicle Drivers

At the end of January, there was a deadly 10-vehicle pileup in Florida. A Georgia family lost many of their loved ones in this wreck. That crash involved several semi trucks on a stretch of I-75.

Because of this crash, many are discussing the driving habits of both truckers and passenger vehicle drivers alike in trying to find a better way to share the road, in order to avoid Atlanta auto accidents with trucks.

What Truck Drivers Are Saying:
Truckers indicate that cars regularly cut them off, make sudden stops, and pull out in front of them, all while they are carrying a full load. Truck drivers cannot bring their vehicles to a complete stop in a split second; the momentum of 80,000 pounds traveling at speeds over 60 miles an hour makes sudden stops physically impossible. Truckers do not believe that the majority of motorists take this into account before deciding to cut in front of large commercial trucks. Truckers also indicate that they constantly see drivers distracted by cell phones in their cars.

What Drivers of Passenger Vehicles Are Saying:
Many drivers feel as if truck drivers do not leave enough space between their rigs and vehicle in front of them. Additionally, many motorists feel that truckers are driving while distracted or drowsy, as they tend to sway in their lanes. These behaviors cause motorists to want to speed up in attempts to pass these trucks.

Whatever your belief about the matter, both motorists and truckers alike need to do a better job of safely sharing the road to reduce Georgia traffic accidents. If you suffered injuries in an Atlanta auto accident due to the negligence of another driver, please call The Kalka Law Group for a free legal consultation with a skilled Atlanta accident attorney today.


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