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Protecting the Rights of Victims Injured in a Georgia Truck Accident

Protecting the Rights of Victims Injured in a Georgia Truck Accident

Atlanta Injury Blog > 2012 > January > Protecting the Rights of Victims Injured in a Georgia Truck Accident

Weighing anywhere from 15,000 pounds and upward, semi trucks can cause fatal car accidents. If you drive around Georgia, you have seen the high number of tractor trailer trucks on the highways.

Each year across the United States, there are staggering statistics of truck-related accidents. The Semi Truck Accident Victims Center presents these following statistics that include semi trucks, tractor-trailers, commercial trucks and eighteen-wheeler trucks.

  • Approximately 170,000 people injured in truck accidents
  • 5,000 trucks involved in fatal traffic accidents
  • 1 out of every 8 traffic-related deaths involve commercial trucks
  • 4% of all injuries in car accidents involve commercial trucks
If you have been in an accident due to a semi truck and have sustained serious injury, you should wait for police and rescue personnel to arrive on the scene. If you have only sustained minor injuries, follow the appropriate steps to help protect your rights as an accident victim.
  • Call 911 to report the accident to the police
  • Check to make sure everyone else involved is okay
  • Take pictures of the car, the truck, the road and the accident scene
  • Seek medical attention to document all injuries, even those that are hidden or internal
  • Keep a diary of events
The Semi Truck Accident Victims Center has a mission to help victims and the families of victims who have been involved in a truck accident. They recently created a Semi Truck Accident Victims Bill of Rights as an attempt to protect those that are injured in trucking accidents.
  1. Upon learning of a vehicle innocently involved in a truck crash involving serious injuries or fatalities, the Semi Truck Accident Victims Center will dispatch investigators to the scene, to gather as much information from witnesses, or first responders, and then build on its investigation from there.
  2. If serious, or life threatening injuries are involved with innocent victims of a truck crash, the Semi Truck Accident Victims Center will do on the spot research related to the best local trauma centers and most capable physicians.
  3. Because the owners of the semi trucks frequently have the best attorneys money can buy, the Semi Truck Accident Victims Center will build a personal injury team of legal experts and attorneys for the accident victims and or their loved ones, in order to make certain the rights of innocent victims are protected.
  4. The Semi Truck Victims Center will always be on call to any family, loved one or victim of a semi truck or commercial truck accident. This includes assisting a family with counseling, or any other assistance they may need.

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